Senior Friendly Fun Activities in Miami Area

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With 248 days of sunshine plus average temperatures of 80 degrees, it’s no surprise that over half a million residents over the age of 60 call Miami, Florida, home. The balmy outdoors offers seniors plenty of opportunities to stay active, socialize or just relax.

1. The Arts

A wealth of artsy venues is available around Miami. Seniors who delight in cultural events can satisfy their taste for all that is unique, poignant and entertaining with the Golden Ticket Arts Guide. The Miami-Dade County offers this program, which is free for residents who are 62 and older.

Seniors may choose from a variety of artistic showcases, from art to theater to music. The Bass Museum of Art features contemporary art exhibitions created by international artists. Given Miami’s diverse population, the museum perfectly captures the area’s spirit and culture.

The J’s Cultural Arts Theatre showcases Academy Award-winning films, like “Be Our Guest!” playing in December. The Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida also performs, offering feasts for the senses. Seniors may even tell their captivating stories at the open-mics at the Olympia Theatre.

The Golden Ticket Arts Guide program gives seniors the choice of attending arts events in groups or individually. Certain programs are extremely popular, making advanced reservations a must! Transportation to events via Miami-Dade transit is free to residents over 65 who hold a Golden Passport transit pass.

Engaging in any aspects of the arts delivers numerous health benefits to seniors, such as improved cognitive function, communication and self-esteem. Participating in arts events, as a storyteller, for instance, enhances social interaction, promotes alertness and allows for active engagement.

2. The Great Outdoors

Seniors who aim to enjoy fun in the sun are surrounded with ample opportunities to do just that. Although Miami is a bustling urban center, numerous nature trails and parks are located close by. Seniors have the chance to enjoy nature, while escaping the concrete upon which Miami is built.

Hiking, biking and bird watching enthusiasts will appreciate time spent in The Shark Valley Trail in the Everglades National Park. With 15.8 miles of untouched natural wonder, seniors can stay active and healthy. Additional trails include Otter Cave and Oleta River State Park.

The health benefits of participating in Miami’s outdoor recreational activities are as varied as they are plentiful. Physical activity is known to delay the onset of illnesses, like depression, arthritis and heart disease, or reduce seniors’ risk of developing these conditions.

Regular, moderate physical activity is crucial to the physical and emotional well-being of seniors. Given the close proximity of nature trails surrounding Miami, seniors have every opportunity to step outside, stay physically active and, as a result, maintain healthy joints, bones and muscles.

3. Structured Physical Activities

When independently navigating the many trails around Miami poses as a challenge, seniors still have plenty of chances to stay physically active via classes. Miami-Dade offers fitness programs, classes and leisure activities for people over age 55 through its Active Older Adults Program.

Seniors look forward to exciting Zumba classes, relaxing yoga and Tai Chi. For those who need a boost to stay fit, the Walk 4 Life program offers incentives for reaching mileage goals. Silver Sneakers is a free exercise program led by instructors and conveniently available at six park locations.

The benefits of Zumba on the aging body are tremendous. Not only is “dancing like no one’s watching” extremely freeing, but Zumba is easy on the joints. Layering new movement techniques keeps seniors’ minds sharp. Yoga and Tai Chi are gentle exercises that improve strength, balance and mood.

4. Local Travel

Take a tour boat around Biscayne Bay and view several private islands upon which mansions of Miami’s rich and famous are built. Travelers also see the headquarters of the US Coast Guard’s local operations. Local excursions give seniors a historic view of Miami’s rich heritage.

The South Beach Local is an affordable way for budget-conscious seniors to get around Miami. It’s also wheelchair accessible. Take a loop around Miami Beach and see monumental sites, like the Wolfsonian Museum and the Holocaust Memorial; or, step off for cappuccino in the Lincoln Road shopping district.

The sightseeing continues as seniors explore the brilliant architectural structures of Miami, from the national historic landmark Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to the culturally relevant Freedom Tower. Seniors might attend the upcoming Vizcaya Ball for an enchanting evening of dance and merriment.

Older people do not have to go traveling alone. Rather, groups make navigating unknown places easier and safer. Local boat cruises can accommodate groups and make for an entertaining and fun afternoon. Plus, staying local eliminates the need to pack and keeps seniors from being overwhelmed.

Even local travel has its health rewards. Seniors especially experience decreased stress levels, greater open-mindedness and emotional stability when they step out of the confines of the familiar. Seniors remain physically active when traveling. They also meet new people and reduce instances of isolation.

Miami is rich with opportunities for seniors to have fun and enjoy each day. While getting out is beneficial, some seniors may hesitate to venture far alone. This is when compassionate caregivers, like those from Assisting Hands Home Care, become instrumental in helping seniors live fulfilling lives.

Professional caregivers from our reputable Miami home care agency assist with all the activities of daily living, including shopping for groceries, bathing, transportation and meal preparation, among many other non-medical services. Seniors who need a ride to social events rely on our professional caregivers for safe transportation.

If walking along historic roads during a local sightseeing afternoon is intimidating (due to balance or mobility issues), companion caregivers from Assisting Hands Home Care are available to accompany the senior and offer extra stability and support.

Assisting Hands Home Care, is dedicated to helping local seniors live out their best years with independence. Contact a friendly representative from our senior care agency to develop a customized home care plan designed to assist your loved one whenever the needs arise.